Service for your Firefly™ system

Firefly has delivered more than 8 000 systems worldwide and our systems have an average useful life of 15-20 years. To maintain the Firefly system's initial performance and high quality standards over time there is a need for continuous professional maintenance and support.

Firefly provides customised services with a focus on system reliability and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services ranging from tailored maintenance contracts and spare parts to remote monitoring and technical support.

A Firefly system is easy to install. It always contains comprehensive documentation including instructions as to where to install the components within the process. Most customers prefer to have one of our competent service engineers on site prior to start-up to commission the system and to educate the operators.

Technical Support

No matter where in the world you are located, or what kind of question you have regarding your Firefly system, the answer is not far away. Our team of experienced service engineers will be pleased to help you both by phone or e-mail.

Contact details:

Robbie McQuaig
Phone: (912) 286-0798


Maintenance on a regular basis is fundamental when it comes to fire protection. The best way of maintaining a system is by signing a service contract with Firefly. On a regular basis, our service engineers will go through your Firefly system - testing the sensitivity of the detectors, checking the alarm functions, function-testing valves and water nozzles as well as training your operators.

Firefly offers first-class service performed by our dedicated and experienced service engineers. At Firefly, we believe in creating a long-term and strong personal relationship with our customers.

To schedule a visit or request a quote for a maintenance contract, please contact our Planning department:

Contact details:

Robbie McQuaig
Phone: (912) 286-0798

Spare Parts

Firefly original spare parts are the basis for maximum uptime. With our spare parts services you can be assured that your Firefly equipment will keep its quality and continuously be optimized in terms of usability and performance. Based on your needs we offer original spare parts or when possible, reparation services.

No matter where in the world you are located, we will handle your request in an efficient and professional manner.

Contact details:

Robbie McQuaig
Phone: (912) 286-0798



The purpose of a Firefly training is to increase knowledge of your Firefly system and how to perform maintenance on your equipment. A Firefly training also covers basic fire and explosion fundamentals, and provides insight into industrial risk management.

A Firefly training will keep you up to date on your Firefly system, ensuring that you are educated in maintenance and risk management at your production site.

What we offer:
On-site training

Regardless of your location in the world, Firefly also offers trainings to be held at your site. These trainings can be customized depending on your specific needs.


A Firefly training is held by Firefly's Service and Risk Engineers and implemented in the form of lectures and practical exercises.


- Risk and explosion fundamentals
- Firefly fire preventive system and functions
- Operation of system
- Maintenance
- Control of functions
- Documentation

Information & Pricing

A Firefly training is interactive and the number of participants per course is therefore limited. For pricing and scheduling of your tailored training, please contact Firefly's Training Team: (480) 840-1115

Download our Training Brochure (PDF)

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